beat your momma

Your momma so sad

She cries at stand-up comedy

and drinks until she can’t stand up

Your momma so sick

Her momma dragged her by her hair down the stairs out of where she had any hope of life without lithium

Your momma so lonely

She had you because

she could not afford a dog

and she wanted someone to love her

Like your daddy wouldn’t:


One traditional nuclear unit she pushed out and soon it decayed and went boom it was never safe from her decisions

Fuckups made with such precision

They say your daddy never recovered from your bloody severed mother

you should have seen him

before she left him

what a man he was

but oh man, I bet he wasn’t.

Your mama so scared

She can’t even sleep

She haunts the house

and waits for you to come home from other beds with other bitches who don’t love you like she loves you because they never made you now did they

She lines your pockets with pounds so you drown in the slow-moving shallows of your pale and plodding and predictable life

(She would have your babies herself

if she could get away with it)

Your momma love you so much

It gonna kill you



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